28 February 2013


So this is new. I can honestly say that before this morning I had no interest in starting a blog. So what happened? Well, first I got up and went to the gym, which is a bit of a feat in itself and the topic of another day. Then, when I was finishing my workout I went into the locker room to grab my yoga mat so I could do some ab exercises and stretch and a woman commented on my shoes. I wear the vibram finger shoes (and I LOVE them. Also, the spell check suggested I correct vibram to vibrator...hmm...). Anyway, we talked for 10-15 minutes about many things (which also meant I had to forgo my aforementioned ab workout and stretching) but the one thing that I've been thinking about all morning is what she said about the trainers at the gym. She said they "used" to be good, without explaining anything more. She went on to say to she has lost 21 pounds since July doing it "her way", which I congratulated her for. Since our conversation this morning, I have had a yearning to sit down over coffee (or maybe fro yo?) and ask her about "her way", her struggles and what is working for her. I have so many questions: What was the trainer asking you to do that didn't work for you? Why? Why were they so convinced that their way was the (only) correct way to meet your goals? When did it become no longer about you?

It has me thinking. Why do we try to fit people into these cookie cutter diets or workout plans? Yes, you will need to make changes, but telling you that you have to completely change your way of living is asking for failure. It's about the little changes - park a little further away from the store so you have to walk a little bit more, take a few flights of stairs instead of the elevator, portion out three oreos and put the rest of them away so you don't eat half of the package without realizing what you're doing (even though they are sooo good and addictive), instead of cream in your coffee, try milk. If one "healthy idea" doesn't work for you, find something that does. Don't be afraid to think out of the box.

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