05 March 2013


I'm kind of obsessed with documentaries. A few years ago, if you had asked me to watch a documentary I probably would have groaned and convinced you to watch something I thought would actually be enjoyable. Like The Italian Job. Seriously awesome movie. Anyway, I've been on this documentary kick and watching all of them on Netflix because we haven't had cable since May 2010. It was too expensive at the time and honestly, after the first few months, we really didn't miss it. Have you thought about how many hours (or probably days) of your life you have spent watching really stupid commercials? It's scary.

Here are some documentaries I've seen that I think are worth watching. Most of them are about food. That's just how I roll.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Exit Through the Gift Shop (this is one of my favorite to date) 
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Forks over Knives
Food Fight
Trouble the Water
Supersize Me (it's been several years. I need to rewatch this to see it from where I am now)
Food, Inc.
Beer Wars
The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
The Business of Being Born
The Tents
The September Issue
Paris is Burning

Here are others on my to-watch list and my Netflix queue. As I was writing this list I realized there are a lot more on my to-watch list than I thought so this is just a small sampling.

The Thin Blue Line
Man on Wire
I'm No Dummy
666 Revealed
D-Day: The Total Story
Hoop Dreams
The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975
The Weather Underground
King Corn
Cool It
Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Into the Abyss
The Lottery
For the Bible Tells Me So
Food Matters
Enemies of the People
Tying the Knot
The World without US
Comic Book Confidential
Unmistaken Child
The Sun Behind the Clouds
Sherman's March
The Up Series
Pressure Cooker

Here are the ones I've seen, but don't recommend, for various reasons.

Vegucated: This is just way too graphic. Definitely brings up some good and important ideas but this actually scarred me a little.
Kings of Pastry
Craigslist Joe: A little too dramatized for my taste. It's an interesting idea and restores one's faith in humanity but, like Kings of Pastry, I didn't really like the main guy.
Paper Clips
Grizzly Man

What other documentaries are out there are worth watching (preferably available on Netflix)? 

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