12 March 2013

Essential Exercises: The easiest stomach toning exercise ever!

I want to share with you guys a few easy exercises you can add to your work outs. This one you can actually do anywhere and, as an added benefit, it will not only make you more toned but will also improve your posture! Try this easy little exercise and see what I mean.

Regardless of if you're sitting down or standing up (or even laying down), pull your belly button in and back toward your spine as if a string is attached to the inside of your navel and being reeled in by your spine. Keep your back straight. By doing this little thing on a regular basis, you are training your stomach to naturally be pulled in. Now, every time you realize that you're letting your stomach just hang out or your back arch, pull your belly button in toward your spine. Over time this will become the norm. Not only will you be slightly toning your stomach by using these muscle regularly, but you will appear more toned as well because your back will strengthen and your stomach will stop just hanging out.

How easy is that?!


  1. AND it helps you bounce back after a pregnancy! With JP, I let it all hang out because I was so excited to look pregnant! But my abs were jello by the time he was born, so I kept it toned during my next two pregnancies and bounced back a lot more quickly.

  2. Rosie, I totally agree. I was the opposite though. I worked out throughout my first pregnancy and bounced back very quickly, and then dropped even more after I stopped nursing. But with my second, I hardly exercised at all and my body was not as well prepared for the pains of the 3rd trimester. From what I've seen, where you start out before you get pregnant (yes, weight but also general health, strength, etc) seems to be one of the most important factors in how quickly your body will bounce back after giving birth.


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